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At Blue Heron Digital, we take the essential steps to equip your business with end-to-end digital solutions necessary to succeed. From branding to the execution and management of advertising campaigns, we’re here to help you stand out and step ahead of your competition.


brand consulting

Creating a brand identity is complex work. Your customers act on the gut feeling your brand evokes. We work as an extension of your team, helping you figure out how to make your brand memorable and unique, so that in the long term, your customers will react with a feeling of confidence.

Brand Strategy

We work with brands to clarify brand purpose, understand customer segments & define brand goals and expectations.


Market Research

We aim to understand your brand's audience & competitive landscape to support your brand's strategy.


Brand Identity

We bring your brand’s vision to life by developing custom Brand Assets that make your brand unmistakable.


Website Design & Build

We develop stunning and user-friendly website solutions to represent the heart of your brand’s online identity.


digital solutions that are tailored to win

Our Online Advertising Toolbox

Using paid campaigns to capture and direct traffic to your platforms and campaigns

Using paid strategies to target your messages to specific groups on Social Media. A properly set up paid campaign should get you in front of customers ready to purchase.

Using specific keywords and a monthly ad budget to display messages and images on Google’s search and network. Be in front of your customers right when they search for what you’re offering. 

Digital Marketing is all about the customers’ journey. Using advertising strategies to cast a wide net and draw as many prospects into your digital ecosystem isn’t enough. You’ll need to have systems in place to capture important details so you can build close, lasting relationships with them.

Expert Digital Marketing Services

Using unpaid strategies to garner attention, engagement and ultimately convert to paying customers

Social Media Marketing isn’t just about posting on a whim. Each post you make has a purpose. Each purpose is tied to your overall strategy and your brand and it’s our job to ensure you put your best foot forward.

It is paramount to complement paid SEM with SEO. You want your web pages to rank high on the first page of all relevant Google searches. Our technical experts will ensure your brand is where it belongs: at the top, above the competition.

Build relationships with your prospects and existing customers by communicating directly with them, whether it’s by text or email. Do all of this on autopilot, with minimal time and energy spent.

Our Work Process

01. Discovery Session

Together, we will conduct a discovery session to unpack your brand’s vision and goals. This essential step helps us understand where you are so we can take you where you want to be.

02. Design Phase

We’ll ideate the blueprint for your project to ensure all of your business’ needs are accounted for.

03. Client Presentation

At this stage, we'll present to you a complete plan for your Branding & Digital Strategy, including all potential design applications, web design & features beneficial to your business.

04. Design Application & Launch

Lastly, we will finalize and apply all the approved Brand Design Assets, build and take your website live!

Importance of Strategy

Brand Strategy is how your customers perceive you. It sets to identify what your brand is, why you're active, how you're different from competitors and why customers should chose you. This is a critical step in our process and it determines the success or failure of a project.


Experienced Digital Marketing Consultant Services In Markham, Ontario

Blue Heron Digital offers a comprehensive range of digital marketing services for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. Our experienced team customizes digital marketing solutions to meet the needs of your business, creating marketing campaigns, branding, SEO, social media marketing, and web design and build services to make your business stand out from the competition.

As a full-service digital marketing consultancy, we work closely with your team to create the ideal branding and digital marketing plan to accelerate your brand and business. Blue Heron provides internet marketing solutions to increase your visibility, manage marketing campaigns, and develop a unique brand strategy.

If you’re uncertain whether engaging a digital marketing agency is worthwhile, take a moment to reflect on the advantages of the solutions we provide and how they can positively impact your business.

Internet Marketing Consultancy in Markham, Ontario

Numerous small business clients are curious about the range of services that a digital marketing consultant provides. The most effective approach to addressing this is to arrange a meeting with our experts and assess the online marketing solutions we provide. Being your internet marketing company, we will begin by familiarizing ourselves with your business and its objectives, and then devise a brand strategy and advertising campaign that aligns with those goals.

Hiring Blue Heron Digital as your internet marketing consultancy provides end-to-end marketing services that are uniquely developed to build your business visibility and recognition. Each internet marketing service is carefully selected to provide the best return on investment and to enhance business expansion and growth.

For more information on our services reach out to our team at 1 800-965-5760.

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